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  • Why Do You Want to Move to Maui???
    I was asked this question over and over again before we made the big move.  I would laugh to myself and think, why wouldn’t you want to move to Maui? Read more
    A TRIP TO TWIN FALLS Little road trips are among the most fun things to do here on Maui. Whether it's a drive up North or a fun day in Hana, Read more
  • Acttive Bodies Need Nerve Supply
    ~~Active bodies need supple spines.Since coming to Maui, I've noticed (how can I not?) that everyone seems to be moving more. People are out early in the morning walking their Read more
  • Mitigating the Effects of Cane Burning
    Mitigating the Effects of Cane BurningWith the horrific toxic dump of cane smoke the other day, just as our keikis were going to school (massive burn only 200 feet from Read more
  • Are you as worried as I am about GMOs?
    ~~Are you as worried as I am about GMOs?(genetically modified organisms)The science is finally catching up and helps to explain why currently 26 countries around the world ban the growing Read more