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Why Do You Want to Move to Maui???

I was asked this question over and over again before we made the big move.  I would laugh to myself and think, why wouldn’t you want to move to Maui? I would then answer, “I am following a lifelong dream.”

So why did I move to Maui?

First, I am really following a lifelong dream.  I have wanted to move to Hawaii for longer than I can remember.  In the 5th grade I wrote to all the Chamber of Commerce’s I could locate in Hawaii to start gathering information.

Second, I am not a fan of winter.  For years I put up with it, trying to find winter activities that I liked.  I did it all; skiing, snowshoeing, skating, sledding, ice fishing, snow fort building. You name it, I probably did it!  The problem was, all I thought about was going inside to defrost my toes!  Being cold is not fun.  I love, love, love summer.  Yes, there is summer in Wisconsin. The problem was, I disliked winter so much, that I spent the whole summer dreading the coming of winter!

Lastly, I thought I was too busy with work. I love my job.  I really don’t think of it as a job, it is a passion.  I am on a mission to “turn the power on”, to help people improve their health without having to take harmful drugs or have unnecessary surgeries, and to change the way people view and manage their health. But my little boy was growing up without me.  I thought I was spending too much time away from him.  Maui has a reputation for being more laid back!  Moving there would mean being able to spend more time with my family.

People who know me told me they had a hard time believing I was going to work less.  I was convinced I would.

People that call themselves workaholics, are saying they have a problem, or that they work too much.  I have realized that you have never heard the word passion-a-holic!  I followed my dreams when I moved to Maui, I am following my passion living the not-so-laid back life in Maui.

Last week someone told me that they take a cholesterol lowering drug for preventative measure, not because they had high cholesterol.  What?  Isn’t eating right, exercising, and having a properly functioning nervous system considered prevention?  Not for everyone.  Some people take a drug for prevention of disease.  Why do I have such a problem with this?  Several reasons, but one is that cholesterol is an antioxidant.  If we get rid of antioxidants in the body, we get rid of the body’s natural defense against cancer.  Contrary to popular belief, your cholesterol can be too low!

Right after this happened, a patient asked me how many people we see in a day?  My answer, “Not enough.”  When I started the office, my goal was to see 40 patients per day.  That was very selfish!  That means that I would only have a chance to tell 40 people where true health actually comes from!  That means that only 40 people per day will have their nervous system working at its optimal level. That means that more people will seek the advice of professionals who think prevention of disease comes in the form of a pill.  I came to the conclusion that I did not work too much in Wisconsin and that I was not too busy!  I just didn’t use my time wisely enough.  Living in Maui has some amazing benefits for our family.  Everything is very close.  My son’s school is very close.  We live above my office, so we don’t spend any time commuting.  I have committed to spending quality time with my family.    We do things together and do things that we all enjoy.  Dana and Madden went fishing this weekend.  We head out to the beach many nights to watch the sunset.  This past weekend, we spent Easter at an egg hunt on the beach!  Maui has made me realize that it is truly about the quality of time that you spend with your loved ones.  It is the time without the distractions of computers and cell phones that matters.  I can spend quality time with my family and live my purpose at the same time.   If I could figure out how to see 1000’s of patients per day I would.  People need to hear this information.  I realize that I do have my priorities straight, can have it all, and give my all at the same time.

With Passion and Purpose,
Dr. Katie