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Mitigating the Effects of Cane Burning

Mitigating the Effects of Cane Burning

With the horrific toxic dump of cane smoke the other day, just as our keikis were going to school (massive burn only 200 feet from Kamali'i Elementary), many patients have asked how they can mitigate the effects of the poisonous smoke HC&S is still allowed to spread on Maui (heavy pesticide residue, plastic pipes, etc.). Much of the damage is lung related:  asthma, lung difficulties and cancer, other non-specific toxic loads.

We can do a few things to help:

1. Be sure to drink plenty of pure water and eat healthy organic fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.

2. Make sure your spine is in its best health, allowing you to function at your optimum, inside and out. A healthy body fights disease and toxic overloads.

3. Use essential oils like Young Living's Purification in your diffuser, then take deep, slow breaths of fresh and diffused air to help the lungs. Drop some Lemon oil in your water bottle, and maybe rub some Frankincense or Juva Cleanse lightly on your wet body after a shower in the morning. 

4. No herb is more beneficial cleansing environmental pollution than Milk Thistle. It will cleanse and support your liver. I also recommend the product Ultra Clear by Metagenics, Everyone on Maui should be pumping themselves with precursors of glutathione, which is needed for liver detox.

5. Take Action!! Keep a journal of when the smoke is intolerable or how you or your family is suffering, and help with collective efforts to require our State Department of Health to uphold the law. Call the Director of Health, Virginia Pressler, M.D. at (808) 586-4410 to report.

With passion and purpose,

Dr. Katie