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“My story begins in the winter of 2006. My son Jonah came down with a terrible cold and fever. As many parents do I rushed him to the pediatrician. There I was told he had a double ear infection. I left with an antibiotic and was relieved to know he was going to get better. Unfortunately he did not. The first “ear infection” was followed by 5 more “infections” and 5 more antibiotics which gave my baby terrible diaper rash and yeast infection not to mention sleepless nights and lots of tears.
I was told by my pediatrician that my son needed surgery to place drainage tubes. The only way to stop the recurrent ear infections. He was 18 months at this time and I was terrified to put him under general antes tic for a “routine surgery”. I began to research the long term side effects about tubes and did not like what I read.

My neighbor was a patient with Prescott Chiropractic and told me about Dr. Katie and her chiropractic office. I was shocked to learn that a chiropractor would treat children let alone help with ear infections! I thought it was a long shot but I made an appointment.
When I brought Jonah to Dr. Katie for the first time he was on antibiotics and had terrible diaper rash (from the antibiotics), runny nose, and was very unhappy. Dr. Katie took the time to explain that not all ear infections are bacterial infections and in fact most are viral and antibiotic will not cure them. She explained that with adjustments and proper nutrition, we could clear his ear infections. It was a foreign concept to me, but the alternative was surgery so I decided to give it a try.
Dr. Katie developed a program of adjustments, pro-biotics, and kept me reassured by always checking his ears. We were given drops to help with any discomfort my baby was having. He became a happy, healthy boy very soon!
My son is now 6 and to date has never had another ear infection! He has only been on antibiotics once for strep throat. I am a true believer in Dr. Katie and her staff!
My whole family now comes to went to her Chiropractic office for all out health care needs. From “bad backs”, ear infections, colds, asthma, and many other issues we have. There has been success and we are a much healthier, happier family because of it. Everyone in my family is so thankful to have and alternative for our health care needs and I am so grateful to be able to explore natural and safe options for my family.
Thank you!
Jacki Miley & Family

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