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Acttive Bodies Need Nerve Supply

~~Active bodies need supple spines.

Since coming to Maui, I've noticed (how can I not?) that everyone seems to be moving more. People are out early in the morning walking their dogs or themselves. They hike or run...everywhere. They surf and paddle board and snorkel every day, swimming with turtles and dolphins and whales. The aquatic centers are filled with lappers or those doing water aerobics. They golf. They zipline. They paraglide. People here do all the outdoor activities (year round) and still hit the gym for yoga, Pilates, weight training. Kids are into tai chi and ballet. Grownups dance the weekend away.

            So, as you can imagine, I see a few with injuries - the weekend warriors, the twisted ankle or tendon, the backaches. Seems I'm always tweaking athletes..and non-athletes.

            Yes, spines need space. They need movement. Subluxations restrict same, cut off nerve health, can lead to chronic problems. These can happen whether you're active or not...heck, sitting all day may be even worse for a body.

            Chiropractic is a natural health care method that stresses the importance of keeping all systems of the body functioning efficiently. It can help both the sedentary to live better and athletes to enjoy peak performance, reduced injury risks and a faster recovery. By restoring proper alignment to the spinal joints, we restore normal nerve transmission and help heal vital structures of the body.

            So you can get back out and play!

With passion and purpose,

Dr. Katie